Ensure Safety

Worker driving forklift in factory

Safety and Machine Guarding
You want to be productive, but you also want to be safe.

The fast moving demands of automation have changed the requirements of machinery guarding. In the past the guarding systems that were available were more often than not a hindrance to the production process and were removed.

Today increasing numbers of accidents are statistics of the past due to reliable ergonomic guarding systems. Consequently, Advantage offers guarding systems that are ergonomic and effective—and unobtrusive to the work process.

Advantage can help you:
• Identify zones to be guarded
• Define safety functions to be performed, including operator detection
• Conform to the category of the parts of the safety related control system
• Investigate the use of electromechanical interlocks and opto-electronic sensors
• Increase asset utilization and Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Be productive, but remain safe. That’s the bottom line.

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