Improve Quality

Quality.  It must be tracked, measured, managed…and continuously improved.

Quality control workers inspecting at bottling plantQuality is not like the weather: you can talk about it and you can do something about it. So how can you and your manufacturing personnel:

  • Ensure products are built to expected standards?
  • Manage rapidly changing production and process data?
  • Track and measure out-of-tolerance and scrap automatically?

As with many automation solutions, improving quality starts with data from:

  • Process variables
  • On-line quality measurements
  • Off-line quality measurements
  • Quality lab database archives
  • Customer complaint database archives

The data must be analyzed, decisions made and processes improved. The result, increased quality of your finished goods.

Advantage Industrial Automation has the quality improvement solutions for:


  • Know what is causing & how to stop downtime & waste right now
  • Monitor any and all process variables, and operator input data more concisely
  • See quality exceptions in real-time and signal alarms
  • Integrate process recipes & quality specifications seamlessly
  • Prompt for process adjustments or control automatically

Production and Engineering

  • Provide quality measurements during production – not after
  • Interface disparate IT systems to analyze data
  • Understand the relationship between raw materials & quality
  • Understand downtime, waste, quality, production and efficiency trends


  • Understand the capability of different assets to achieve quality
  • Understand the cost of quality
  • Give real-time pinpointed information without all the report clutter
  • Connect and motivate the entire enterprise to improve quality

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