IM vs. ERP

Worker adjusting buttons on factory control panelPerformance and Agility for the Real-Time Enterprise

Advantage Industrial Automation understands that businesses today are under continuous pressure to increase productivity and improve profitability. Advantage Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions integrate a full range of easy to use applications, products and services to continuously improve your level of productivity, quality and production. We build intelligence into your processes – gathering, analyzing and transforming data into information and enabling you to act in real time to optimize results.

ERP: The business of doing business
Intelligent Manufacturing: The business of manufacturing

Advantage Industrial Automation works from the plant floor to your Business, Supply Chain and ERP systems. We start with the equipment on your plant floor and connect it together, to your operators, to plant floor managers, to historical data collection systems, to business systems – and to decision-makers. This closed-loop experience ensures that production runs smoothly, efficiently and with greater profitability.

With Ad
vantage Industrial Automation, you will have the resources to meet your greatest manufacturing
challenges though a combined set of capabilities.

Taking advantage of the strengths of Business Systems
vs. Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

ERP and other Business Systems cannot handle the granularity of information needed for detailed plant
floor analysis and intelligence needed to improve manufacturing operational excellence.

Transaction Driven
Lot Level
Track Status State
Suggest Manufacturing Flow
High-Level Material Visibility

Intelligent Manufacturing
Event Driven
Serial Level
Track Step State
Control Manufacturing Flow
Specific Material Visibility

Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions from Advantage are built from the plant floor up, coordinating and
integrating the data from and execution of plant floor activities.

Advantage 014

Make to Order Production Agility

Companies face incredible time to market expectations in today’s on-demand marketplace. Meeting customer expectations now requires “make to order” production agility, as well as increased on-time delivery and an ability to respond quickly when orders are changed.

To meet these challenging production requirements, companies are being forced to gain real-time visibility and control throughout their operations. In addition, they must close the loop between their ERP systems and manufacturing systems, as well as customers and suppliers.

Integration of Quality Management

Poor product quality has significant ramifications to a manufacturer, in failing to meet consumer demands, in the operational disruption it causes, and in the various costs associated with waste. As a result, companies are launching efforts to visualize and manage their production quality in a much more comprehensive and consistent way.
To date, quality efforts have been “siloed” across plant floor SPC, process quality capabilities, and enterprise quality – reducing the ability to make significant performance improvements. Intelligent Manufacturing solutions provide integrated quality management to ensure you products are produced “right the first time”.

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