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Efficiency Management

  • Better utilize plant assets (people, equipment, materials) through a comprehensive view of overall equipment efficiency
  • Identify and improve areas that are causing operational inefficiencies
  • Perform root cause analyses to make data-driven decisions on capital
  • expenditures and process improvement investments

Production Management

  • Increase Schedule execution and accuracy from integrated product, quality and production tracking systems
  • Access detailed tracking and genealogy information
  • Optimize Production and Process

Quality Management

  • Increase product and process quality to lower production waste, scrap and product recall costs
  • Increase quality production from enhanced real-time visibility
  • Lower cost of quality

Batch Management

  • Improve operational efficiency, quality, consistency, and repeatability
  • More flexible manufacturing, quicker NPIs and reduced inventory
  • Lower Life Cycle Costs
  • Regulatory Compliance made easier


  • Improve real-time process visibility and optimize human interaction with equipment
  • Improve Critical Production Event Resolution
  • Enhance management of discrete and hybrid applications


Controls & Automation

  • PLC and Smart Device experience
  • Platform agnostic
  • Transparent Factory influence

Motion Control & Drive Systems

  • Precision motion coordination
  • Coordinated systems
  • Integrated communication and networking

Asset Management

  • Reduce Cost
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Optimize Resource Usage

Plant Data Repository

  • Secure data foundation and integrity: “one version of the truth”
  • Bringing together silos of information
  • High speed data collection and long term storage

Factory Floor Networking

  • Media agnostic: copper, fiber, wireless
  • Industrial hardened
  • Open architecture and protocol

Plant Information Portal

  • Real-time Business Decision Making
  • Seamlessly integrate to your ERP system
  • Different reporting choices to meet different needs
  • Global access and analytics through the Web

Industrial Computing

  • Factory floor hardened from beginning of design
  • Operator Interface customized for the application
  • Thin Client technology options to reduce TCO

Regulatory Compliance & Disaster Recovery

  • Protect, save, restore, and track changes to programs, projects and devices
  • Redundancy
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Audit Trails

Software Services

  • Maximize your product investment through support, training, and professional services
  • Strategic, industry experienced partners
  • Six Sigma methodologies


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