Solution Area Specific Solution Value
Plant Intelligence Plant Information Portal
  • Real-time business decision making
  • Integration with Business Systems, Suppliers and customers
  • Improved product time to market
  • Improved customer-focused responsiveness, collaboration and agility
Dashboard & Web Reports
  • Secure Data Foundation for Applications
  • Data Integrity – One version of the truth
  • Improved Operational efficiency
  • Improved asset utililization
  • Get more production for less
  • Right production the first time
  • Increased product & process quality
  • Lower waste, scrap and recall costs
  • Reduced supplier costs
Non Conformance
Shop Floor SPC
Batch Analysis
  • Improved batching quality, consistency and repeatability
  • Achieve Regulatory compliance
Production Operations Batch Execution
  • Improved Schedule on-time performance
  • Optimize product flow
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Enables regulatory compliance
  • Realize the production sequence
  • Detailed product genealogy
Tracking and Routing
Hold Management
Sequence Management
Plant Order Management
Engineering Change Management
Asset Management Asset Management
  • Cost and risk reduction
  • Optimize asset utilization
Materials Management
  • Inventory costs reduction
  • Ensures critical parts availability
Work Management
  • Optimize labor and parts utilization
  • Integrates with Preventative Maintenance schedules
Purchasing Management
  • Ensures proper availability for key components
  • Computes the cost of work order processes
Budget Management
  • Facilitates proper maintenance planning
  • Calculates financial performance
Mobile Data Collection
  • Retrieve detailed equipment data
  • Eliminate timely data input
Change Management
  • Improved Asset Protection
  • Minimize equipment failure downtime
Factory Floor Automation Controls & Automation
  • Tight integration from device to back-office
  • Solutions designed for harsh environments to prevent failure
  • Open architectures and standards of office grade equipment
  • Single source experience and expertise from the plant floor up
Motion Control
Plant Floor Networking
Industrial Computing
Safety & Machine Guarding

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