GE Digital

GE Digital (formerly GE Intelligent Platforms) provides industrial software, control systems and embedded computing platforms to optimize customers’ assets and equipment. Their goal is to help customers grow the profitability of their businesses through high performance solutions for today’s connected world. GE Digital works across industries including power, manufacturing, water, mining, oil & gas, defense and aerospace. A division of GE, they are headquartered in Charlottesville, VA. They operate in two closely related markets: Automation and Embedded Computing. In Automation they provide computer boards, systems and software packages used to control and report on factory production lines and production tools. In the Embedded market they produce boards and systems used in defense, telecommunications, aviation and many other types of applications in other markets. GE Digital is part of the GE family, with the resources of a multibillion dollar parent company behind them. They gain many advantages from membership in the GE family, but it is customers who benefit most. They have the security of working with a mature, stable and highly respected partner. They have access to a global organization with significant human and financial resources. They can rely on a strong service and support infrastructure, and advanced supply chain and manufacturing processes.

GE Digital was one of the first companies in the United States to become a certified ISO 9001 manufacturer. They design products to meet global design standards, including CE mark requirements.

GE Digital works toward a single goal: to help customers solve their design challenges and get to market more quickly and with a competitive advantage. They design and manufacture products that are simple to install, free from defects, easy to use and that give customers the flexibility and range of features essential to meeting their objectives.  With their current focus on “Making the Industrial Internet Real” and how data and analytics are transforming global business performance through Improved Asset and Operational Optimization, customers can benefit from GE delivering on its promise of productivity and efficiency gains, and discovering ways you can leapfrog others by capitalizing on its potential.

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