Increase Productivity

folder cvr image (2)To compete and stay in business, you need to maximize both.
It starts with plant floor data.

Historically, the data used in operating manufacturing equipment has been within the domain of the PLC and Controls Engineer, and not readily accessible to Management. Access to the data has required special proprietary knowledge about where and how that data was stored and knowledge of the methods required to import or export the data.

Now, plant floor data is easily accessible and can be used to increase productivity and efficiency in your manufacturing operations.

Advantage Industrial Automation brings the technologies of the Internet
to the factory floor and into your view to give you:

  • Improved access to real-time plant information and Key Performance Indicators
  • Protection of existing investment in capital equipment
  • Lower life cycle costs of automation investments
  • Lower implementation costs and operating expense
  • Improved productivity and efficiency

The benefits of an Advantage solution:

  • Increased throughput, reduction of waste, and reduced errors
  • Reduced cycle time and work-in-process – increased inventory turns
  •  Faster line speed and quality to meet global standards
  • Optimized production to meet forecasts through shared information
  • Improved machine utilization

If you’re in AL, FL, GA, KY, NC, SC or TN and are interested in learning more about what benefits Advantage Industrial Automation can provide you, contact us here.