Reduce Downtime

It costs you time, it costs you money, it costs you customers…
it could cost you your job.

Ask yourself:  how many times was your manufacturing line down last month? How much revenue did you lose last year because of equipment and line downtime? Which lines are causing problems and why?

Studies show reducing downtime by just 1 hour per day can impact the top line by tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month!

Advantage Industrial Automation gives you the power to increase your Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), maximize production capability, and significantly improve your bottom line by helping you:

  • Track downtime
  • Identify and reduce costly downtime events
  • Find problem areas via root cause analysis
  • Identify under-performing production areas
  • Deliver reports when and where they are needed
  • Improve production yields
  • Increase asset utilization and Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Improve your bottom line

If you’re in AL, FL, GA, KY, NC, SC or TN and are interested in learning more about what benefits Advantage Industrial Automation can provide you, contact us here.