Advantage Industrial Automation provides OEMs, industrial end-users and system integrators intelligent manufacturing solutions by adding value to the leading products in factory automation and controls. We help our customers improve productivity & quality, reduce downtime & waste, and increase efficiency & safety. Staying on the cutting edge of the latest advances in automation and control products is our mission at Advantage, and your advantage in enterprise automation.

Our Solutions

Increase Productivity

Improve productivity and efficiency in your manufacturing operations with easily accessible plant floor data.


Ensure Safety

Remain safe with pleasant, ergonomic and effective guarding systems that don’t interfere with the work process.


Manage Energy

Monitor, manage and control your energy costs resulting in a substantial return on investment.


Reduce Downtime

Strengthen your Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), maximize production capability and significantly improve your bottom line.


Improve Quality

Increase the quality of your finished goods with decisions made from comprehensive data analysis for process improvement.


Success Stories

Advantage works hard to provide the best automation solutions and technical expertise to its customers. We are proud of how our partnership with our customers lead to their success.